Message July 2020 by Isabel Angélica/Archangel Michael

I write this message inspired by a greater force that inhabits my Internal Being at this moment. I write so that the words may reach as a melody each of the hearts that receive them. In this internal space, words are also shared with Archangel Michael and Magdalene´s conscience. It also comes from experiences and resolutions I have received in recent times that I know are also translations of many processes of each one of you.

We have experienced a process both individually and collectively that has brought us Here and Now with greater awareness of what these eclipses have brought us as a "tidying-up the house" that is still going on. The house is us, our home, our relationships, our family and, without a shadow of a doubt, the choices we have made to inhabit the Earth house and the way we wish to be in Service of Life.

Christian codes that humanity and earth have received in recent years are undeniable (with a view to the materialization of New Humanity and New Earth) with the increasingly strong and pressing presence of the Feminine Christ which I translate as manifestation of Mary Magdalene in communion with the Male Christ which I translate as manifestation of Jesus.

These times we are now living, and their culmination in this phase of the Full Moon of 5th July, along with the solar eclipse, have brought us tremendous downloads for internal integration of male and female in each one of us- women and men. As a consequence, we have been invited to make a conscious choice in favour of the aligned Feminine who increasingly needs to overcome energies of the masculine of low vibration- the one who oppresses, abuses, assaults and violates the resources available in favour of Life. Once again I stress that this movement is transversal to everyone.

What was still being held from an energy of subjugation and dependence in detriment of our Divine Soul/Superior Soul authority needed- or still needs- to be revealed in a raw way and without space for misunderstanding. This may even be occurring with manifestations of anger, violence (verbal, physical or emotional) so that we can be confronted with the truth of what no longer serves us.

Review of the given subject

Venus, the Love star in its Feminine manifestation, finally emerged from his retrograde movement, ending an 8-year cycle of deep learning about intimate relationships and now, at a time when he is beginning a new cycle in the formation of a new Rose, he has asked us and is asking us to reposition ourselves in the face of the truth of our heart and path. Here it is important to take note of all lessons learned in the last 8 years and above all in the last 40 and a few days.

Deep down, from what I have understood in my Heart and Mind, these are essential new lessons of detachment. The process, though difficult, is also an opportunity for us to take a few steps back, just as the Hummingbird does in his flight to choose the best flowers to drink Life´s nectar in order to create a field of observation aligned with our Internal Truth... what we are really vibrating in.

However, if we do this revision, which calls for congruent action, we still need to make use of old patterns (violence, anger, suffering...) we need to evaluate the methodology adopted, since the human and spiritual development tools gathered so far, are now being presented so that we can make wise use of them. Otherwise, by discarding them, the initiatory process of the last two and a half years (the time Saturn has been sailing on Capricorn) will be tested by the end of this year and will present back to us with the inconsistencies, accumulated grudges, processes of pain and suffering that have not yet been transcended, as well as the processes of the drama cycle still in force.

The power of choice made from the nourishment of Life within and around us has never been more necessary than now. If we do not choose well, the Universe, in its infinite creativity, will bring us the missing lessons. Therefore, whether by push or by free and spontaneous will, the important thing is to choose from our Divine Soul superior vision, no matter how confusing the events can be, because making choices (still!) from a victim and drama cycle perspective will be a hard blow to our path on Earth. It is not fatalism, but realism.

The pitfalls of victimisation

These traps bring with them the powerful seduction to go back to comfort zones. However, due to our power of choice, we can and must do, react and say differently. The energetic process surrounding this seduction is strong and deeply desires to feed on our pain, anger, fear and repressed emotions.

If we choose from a pattern of emotional wounds (betrayal, rejection, abandonment, injustice or humiliation), the events will place us in situations of extreme pain or perpetuation of pain (whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual).

If we choose from the understanding of freedom that is presented to us in conscience to the our Sacred Heart, we will release karmic chains that are extremely important for our individual and collective process.

In this moment, whatever is chosen,

whatever is said,

whatever is done

It will be amplified and manifested in a clear and evident way in our Lives.

Faced with the events we have been invited to revisit, the proposal now is to cross the confused veils with discernment and capacity for detachment from our history... no, it is not a question of forgetting, of not giving relevance, but of seeing personal history as a tool that makes us arrive here and now, preferably more lucid.

Of course, all choices are valid and by December we will reap what we are now sowing and giving attention to. And at any given moment we can align the route, change the course of events, but it will require flexibility (more and more!), maturity and, above all, humility that involves the perfect balance between personal power, self-love and walking in Life without harming Life that dwells in each Being.

The 8:8 Portal

As we approach the 8:8 Portal/New Galactic Year, energies will become more intense to the point of denouncing EVERYTHING that did not serve Life and Love... from the inside out. Therefore, I strongly advise that we can all integrate a network of emotional and spiritual support that will serve as nourishment for the crossing of the waters of Crab into the fire of the sovereign Lion.

We are on the path to Freedom, where the Sacred Heart personal power is aligned with the Divine Flame of our Soul. And this requires assuming our authenticity without restrictions and with absolute faith in the magnificent Magic of the Universe and the Creator Source. To be trapped in non-Life (patterns, schemes, traps, projections, unaccountability, etc.) is to remain in the prison of the Self... We have the key to get out of the (self) prison: do we stay or do we venture into the experience of doing/being what emanates from our Divine Soul?

Yes, I know as well as any of you that change brings fear and doubt but in order to bloom our Divine Soul needs space. This past month has been highly challenging, but the processes experienced are absolutely necessary as a clear response to our prayers made in front of the Altar of our Divine Soul.

Therefore, if we do not respond accordingly to challenges in favour of Life, Love and Harmony, we return to that place where the wound feeds on the dynamics of victim/manipulator/drama. Therefore, it seems to me that the only way is to embrace our vulnerability, our capacity for surrender and to see beyond the hurted, betrayed and abandoned boys/ girls.

If since the end of 2017 we began a Path more suited to our Divine Truth and now arrives this temptation to return to the past, to revive relationships with old patterns, to eradicate the blessings from the path we have made, we will be falling into an internal trap of nourishing our comfort zones and trying to generate a sterile Life in them.

The opportunity to be and do differently is now. However much it hurts the I/Ego to assume, acknowledge and recap, it is absolutely necessary. This information comes to me with great force in the presence of Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene in my Sacred Trinity forged in my Sacred Heart.

How do we want to live this Life?

How do we want to be in Service of Life?

How do we want to be Life?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves as if they are a mantra, all the more since death and decadence have been so present in our collective existence. Life begins within each of us and extends to all that surrounds us, whatever form and kingdom.

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Translation by Ana Margarida Madeira

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